Bund Wall Lining

Bund Wall Lining

The Bund Wall Lining of tanks and other bunds is vitally important in maintaining the safety and integrity of chemical storage facilities. If a tank or bund fails it can cause a spillage that can damage a site and harm the environment. Bunds that are not suited to their task, due to age or incorrect installation, are susceptible to damaged mortar joints and severe movement issues. This can lead to a leak or a failure of the concrete or steel lining that protects the contents of the tank.

As such, the correct chemical-resistant lining system should be chosen to protect the bund in the event of a leak or a structural failure. The lining should also be durable enough to resist movement stress cracking and provide effective secondary containment in aggressive chemical environments.

Sealing Success: Tips for Effective Maintenance of Bund Wall Lining Systems

A high-quality GRP lining is a great choice for any bund, providing chemical resistance and durability. The resin used is a catalysed unsaturated polyester, which is blended with aggregates and textile backing to create a ‘composite’ structure that offers a range of benefits. This includes superior durability, resistance to impact, abrasion and thermal insulation.

A well-installed GRP lining will last for up to 25 years, and is designed with safety in mind. In addition, a GRP liner is very easy to clean and maintain, meaning that it will retain its excellent chemical-resistant properties and performance for longer than conventional concrete or steel. The lining can be easily drained, and it is very simple to inspect the integrity of the lining when any damage is identified.

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