The Scorers Table Basketball is a critical part of the basketball game. However, the scorers’ table is also an obstacle for players who might fall onto it or jump over it in a moment of panic. This makes it important to choose a quality scorer’s table for your sports facility.

The scorer’s table must be clear and easy to read from all parts of the gym. It must display the active list of team members and of all substitutes who enter the game. It must also include the team’s timeouts and any charges to team members for personal or technical fouls. The scorers’ table must notify the nearest official each time a player commits a sixth personal foul.

Scorers Table 101: Understanding the Scorekeeping Process in Sports

Scorers’ tables must be clearly visible and have a clear, bright display that can be easily seen from all areas of the arena. VCRNOW offers a variety of indoor LED scorer tables that are ideal for basketball and other indoor games.

The minimum requirements for scoring in ELA Writing and STE are a completed Writing Skills Survey and three different final writing samples, with the appropriate pre-scored writing rubrics attached to each sample. In addition, the strand must be complete (i.e., all required entry points and access skills were included). When a strand has been completed but no evidence was provided, the scorer may answer NO to this question in AltScore. Alternatively, the scorer can add Comment G from the Comment Key to indicate that generalized performance was not found for this strand.

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