DISC Workshop – Building Teams That Get Along

DISC workshop

The DISC workshops is a powerful tool for building teams that get along. It is especially useful for new and existing teams, management training programs, leadership development, sales and marketing. This fast-paced, interactive program uses a DISC assessment to help participants understand their own work style and how it differs from others. It is used by over 4.5 million people in 90 countries and is a road map to successful interpersonal communication and teamwork.

In this engaging 90-minute session, participants learn about the DISC model and the four DISC styles. Then they use their discoveries to build strategies for building more effective relationships and overcoming challenges when working with people of different DISC styles.

Mastering Sales and Negotiation through DISC Workshops

Each DISC style has its own strengths and challenges. By recognizing one’s own DISC style and understanding the styles of other people, conflict can be avoided. It is important to remember that each person is a unique blend of all four DISC styles.

Take Flight Learning’s brain-friendly approach makes it easy to incorporate new DISC insights into daily life, making it more likely that they will be used and remembered. With the DISC workshop, individuals can immediately begin using new skills to strengthen their relationships and reduce their stress levels. They will discover why some team members click while others clack and be able to adapt their own style to the needs of other people, which will improve communication and reduce conflicts. The workshop is highly interactive and includes activities, small group discussions, and engaging videos.

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