For decades, colombian waist trainers waist trainers have been a popular garment around the world to shape the figure, highlight attributes and promote good posture. This shapewear is also used as a waist trimmer, boosting metabolism and burning fat when combined with workouts and a healthy diet. Colombian fajas are made from soft fabrics and quality materials that ensure comfort during the day and while sleeping at night. They’re especially suitable for taller people (5’7 ft or more) and plus size women and men who like full torso coverage including the lower tummy.

Waist training is the latest celebrity trend with many women posting photos on social media showing nipped-in hourglass figures. But does this tummy-tucking shapewear work? Experts say the hype about waist trainers isn’t supported by science. A physical therapist from Spaulding Rehabilitation Network debunks four common claims about the device and explains why it’s not a magic bullet.

Waist Training Wonders: Unlocking the Secrets of Colombian Waist Trainers

A common claim is that waist trainers cause you to sweat more in the stomach region, which will burn calories. However, just as fat cells cannot be redistributed with pressure, they can’t be sweated out either, cosmetic surgeon and researcher Dr. Maria Lombardo says. Instead, any post-workout weight changes are likely water loss.

Another potential problem is that waist trainers can compress the abdominal area and restrict breathing, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems like acid reflux and bloating. In extreme cases, constricting your belly can even be dangerous. The New York Times recently reported on a case of a woman who suffered acute lower leg ischemia when wearing a waist trainer because it cinched her abdomen and caused her to breathe in an unnatural way.

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