MUGA pitch costings

MUGA pitch costings are ideal for schools and sports centres that need to maximise their sport space and have a limited budget. They can fulfil the roles of football, basketball, hockey and tennis facilities all at once, saving organisations time and money that would be needed to install dedicated areas for each sport.

MUGA construction costs can vary depending on the type of surface used, number of sports that will be played and additional features required for the facility. The most important consideration is ensuring that the contractor carrying out the installation has a good understanding of your requirements and can offer a design to suit.

Understanding MUGA Pitch Costings: Factors That Impact Your Budget

Once the MUGA foundations and sub-base have been laid, contractors can install the type of multisport surfacing that you require. This can include a polymeric surface, professional rubberized anti-slip finish or tarmac. There are different types of MUGA surfaces available for different sports including football, netball and hockey.

Then there are the optional extras that you might want to incorporate into your MUGA, such as floodlights, fencing and shelters. These will need to be factored into the overall cost of your project. As with any new construction, labour will be one of the biggest expenses to take into account when estimating your total project cost. For this reason, it’s always best to enlist the services of a reputable and experienced contractor to ensure you get the most accurate price. They can also provide you with a detailed breakdown of all the products and materials that will be needed to complete your MUGA build.

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