Mushrooms in Canada – How to Find Psychedelic Mushrooms in Canada

canada mushroomsAdding canada mushrooms to your diet can be a great way to support your immune system. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that fight against free radicals that can cause diseases like cancer.

Even though they can be found almost everywhere in Canada, psychedelic mushrooms remain illegal in this country. Thomas Hartle, a man who was first granted a federal exemption to use psilocybin to treat his colon cancer symptoms a few years ago, says that government resistance and the refusal of Health Canada to open legal avenues for access to the drug have kept a growing illegal market alive.

Foraging in the North: A Guide to Mushrooms in the Canadian Wilderness

But Hartle isn’t giving up on his goal of creating a legal market to buy and sell the psychoactive mushrooms that are exploding in popularity in Canada and around the world. He has filed a lawsuit in the hopes of changing that.

The best times of year to go mushrooming, or “mushroom hunting,” are spring and fall. The cooler temperatures, heavier rainfall, and higher humidity produce the fruiting bodies that forayers love to find.

When foraging for mushrooms, you should take the time to study each one carefully. Look at the color of the cap, the shape of the gills, and the texture of the stem. Also, pay attention to whether or not the cap and gills are sticky or have a noticeable annulus or remnants of a partial veil. Also, look for bruising or blue stains on the stem or cap.

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