Rebel Flags Collection – A Bundle of Pirate-Y Goodness

Rebel Flags Collection

Some states have banned the display of Confederate battle flags, but the rebel banner is still a common symbol in popular culture. For example, the 1977 film Smokey and the Bandit takes place in a fictional Southern county and features a Pontiac Trans Am that displays the Georgia state flag (which incorporates the battle flag design). Similarly, the television series The Dukes of Hazzard featured a General Lee stock car sporting the Mississippi state flag, which also carries the rebel flag design.Find out:

The Confederate battle flag is associated with pride in Southern heritage and states’ rights, historical commemoration of the Civil War, and celebrations of the Lost Cause. However, opponents associate it with glorification of slavery, racism, segregation, white supremacy, and historical negationism, among other things.[3] After the Charleston church shooting and Unite the Right rally, many public official displays of the flag were retired in the United States. The debate over the flag continues.

Rebel Spirit: Dive into the Rebel Flags Collection

In the meantime, Assassin’s Creed fans can immerse themselves in the glory days of the series with Rebel Flags Collection. Featuring Black Flag and Rogue, this new bundle of pirate-y goodness is sure to satisfy fans of the franchise. The games aren’t without their glitches and issues, but they offer a lot of gameplay for the price. The piratey combat is insanely addictive and the inclusion of all additional content makes this a must-have for any Assassin’s Creed fan.

As America continues to grapple with the legacy of its Civil War, the state museum in Iowa has a few rebel flags on exhibit that tell a more nuanced story. Thousands of Iowa soldiers went off to fight in the Civil War, and some of them returned home with captured battle flags. While some of the rebel flags went up on public monuments, others remain tucked away in a vault at Memorial Hall.

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