Vampire Vape – Black Jack Vape Juice

Vampire Vape black jack vape is a nostalgic nod to the sweet shop favourite, blending a distinct aniseed flavour with a sweetness reminiscent of licorice. This mouth-to-lung vape juice is available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths and comes in a 10ml bottle for use with pod and starter kits.

Black Jack is the offspring of legendary parents Black Domina and Jack Herer, offering a potent blend of effects that will delight anyone who appreciates the depth of an indica high. This strain possesses the earthy aromas of its father and a more floral scent of its mother, bringing to mind notes of lavender, lemon and sage.

Hit or Stand? Reviewing Black Jack Vape

This is a powerfully relaxing strain that relieves tension from both body and mind, delivering a sense of calm serenity that is surprisingly clear and focused. This calming sensation is balanced by an energetic boost of energy that can turn into a creative rush of ideas.

This cannabis strain produces dense buds with huge calyxes completely encrusted in trichomes. The leaves of this plant are a rich shade of green, with hues of sage and yellow highlighting the edges. The buds of this plant are popcorn-like in appearance and can contain a purple tint to the ends of some leaves.

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